Summit Seminars is an Atlanta-based training organization that provides a foundational understanding of finances and self so that participants can build confidence in their ability and shorten the learning curve on the Road of Life.

Confused Girl Many young people lack the basic financial skills necessary to establish healthy money management practices and expectations. Without simple financial literacy, even the finest education in the world can result in disappointment and unrealized potential. Young adults need to understand and respect the role that money will play in their lives. Our goal at Summit is to guide you safely to the base camp on the mountain that stands before you. Once equipped with the basics, you will then be prepared to continue your climb to the summit, alone. We want you to be independent and in charge!

Studying Girl Once in college, students are overwhelmed by study and career choices and under-whelmed with confidence and direction. Lack of self-knowledge and understanding compounds an already daunting array of choices. Would you hire a 19-year old to select a career for you? That's what most college sophomores do when they select a major based on course selections and then pursue a career to compliment that degree. At best, they will change majors (significantly extending college years and increasing costs). At worst, they could spend years in a career chasing money instead of satisfaction.


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